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Prior to installation, you must be logged-on with full ADMIN rights.

  1. Install the Simutech application only on the server, following the directions on Page 5 of your Instructor's Manual. No software is required to be installed on the client workstations.
  2. On the server, share the application folder of the specific application (or you may share the entire Simutech folder if you're installing multiple applications). The Simutech folders can be found at the default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Simutech or C:\Program Files\Simutech.
  3. Set Permissions and Security properties for the shared folder(s) as follows:

    PERMISSIONS: Select the group or users that will be sharing this folder, then check the box:
       Full Control.

    SECURITY: Select the group or users that will be sharing this folder, then check at least the following boxes:
       Read and Execute

    Refer to the example below:

    Security Settings example

  4. On Windows XP, if Simple File Sharing is set in Folder Options (View), then select Sharing and check the boxes:
       Share this folder on the network
       Allow network users to change my files

  5. On each workstation, use Windows Explorer or File Explorer to create a shortcut on the desktop as follows:
    1. Locate the path to the application's folder on the server.
    2. Open the folder and select the application's executable file (e.g. "Simuair.exe").
    3. Click the RIGHT mouse button and select Send To and Desktop (create shortcut) from the menu.
    4. Verify the shortcut properties by clicking the icon on the desktop, then using the RIGHT mouse button, select properties and click the Shortcut tab. Confirm the folder path for Start in is the same as for Target. Refer to the following example:
      Target:   \\Server1\Simutech\Simuair\Simuair.exe
      Start in: \\Server1\Simutech\Simuair
    5. If more than one application is being installed, instead, you may create a folder on the desktop that contains shortcuts to each application.

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    Simutech simulator applications shipped after 2005, generally require use of a supplied electronic USB hardware key ("dongle") in order to operate. The dongle looks similar to a flash drive, but it is NOT a drive device, so it will not appear in Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

    Network Versions installed on a physical server
    One USB hardware key ("dongle") is supplied for your Windows-based server. This dongle will enable the maximum number of licensed user-clients (seats) to simultaneously access each simulator that's installed on the server. Dongles are available for 10-user, 25-user, 50-user, or larger networks.

    Network Versions installed on a virtual server
    The dongle may be connected to a different server than the application server (such as a "license server"), or it may be connected to a Network USB Hub, as long as they are on the same network. If these devices are not available, please contact Technical Support for a solution.

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    The Network versions may be installed on a server configured for remote-access, using remote desktop protocol (RDP). This enables access from off-site computers, tablets (including iPadsŪ), and other mobile devices.

    The license limits concurrent use by the maximum users or seats purchased. It requires our USB hardware key ("dongle") and adequate security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the software.

    Apple and Android devices require download of the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app. All Windows operating systems from XP to current, include the necessary Remote Desktop Connection program.

    For additional information, please contact Technical Support.

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    Simutech can provide the network versions on our cloud-based server. This enables users to access our simulators remotely from any computer or mobile device, including iPadsŪ.

    For access cost, please contact Simutech Sales Dept by E-mail, or by phone at 800-648-6209 or 503-649-9076.

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    If the instructor wishes to preselect the same faults for all users, these are referred to as global faults. When selecting global faults (using either Manual Selection or Auto Selection), please be aware of the following:
    1. All global faults you select are applied to each user shown in the User List.
    2. If the Fault-selection option (found in File menu | Options) is ON (checked) for Auto-load global faults for new user, then the global faults are automatically added to any new user that's created after the faults have been selected. The default setting for this option is OFF.
    3. If you're using the Instructor Interface Module, uploaded faults will be appended to any current global faults. Note: Versions after Sept 2003 provide an option of either deleting or appending existing faults.
    4. If a user currently has other faults selected in his individual fault list, the global faults you've selected will be added to his existing list.
    5. If the new global fault list contains a fault that a user has previously repaired, that particular fault will not be added to the user's fault list.
    6. Deleting faults from the global fault list will not remove faults already applied to each user. To delete these, you must select Delete Selections from the Faults menu.
    For further information regarding global faults, refer to the application's help menu.

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    1. The User List, user data, and fault selections are accessible from all workstations on the network (limited to the maximum simultaneous users allowed by the network hardware key and your operating system.
    2. Microsoft limits Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 on computers that are acting as a "server", to a maximum of 20 simultaneous users.
    3. The instructor may log-on from any workstation to add users, select faults, review current reports, and observe user progress, even while users are logged on.

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    Submit a Support Request

         (800) 927-9076   (USA and Canada)
         (503) 649-9076   (Local and International)
         Technicians available from 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time (M-F)
         24-hour voicemail

    Fax:   (503) 649-8972


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